Steel Building Accessories

All Cavalier Buildings Kits come with everything you need to erect your building. The pieces are shipped to you from the factory where they are engineered with precision to make construction quick and easy. Do it yourself and save on labor costs. Add accessories to customize your building for your needs. Have a questions... Just ask a Cavalier Buildings expert. Call 1-800-991-9251.

Additional Arches

  • Add length to your steel building any time.

Base Connector

  • Our base channels are perfect for use with existing slabs or block walls
  • Allows for easy expansion and portability


  • One size fits all. We use one size nut and bolt making installation a snap.


  • Skylights allows natural light at an economical cost in addition to saving money on your electric bill. You only need one every 20 feet for maximum lighting.

Construction Manual

  • Every Kit includes a Cavalier Buildings Construction Manual.


  • Each panel is pre-cut and numbered making it simple to assemble
  • Openings and framework are available for any size or type of door

Service Doors

  • Easy access to your building
  • Our heavy-duty door adds security to your building
  • Service doors are furnished with leaf, frame, hinges and hardware


  • Eliminates condensation
  • Easy to install
  • Recommended one every 20 feet

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