Steel Building Customer Testimonials

"Every time we had another building to erect for Cavalier Buildings, we knew we would be able to charge less and save the customer money on installation because we could depend on the job running smoothly."

Erik B.
Vice President
Steel Buildings, Inc.

"Recently, one of my employees broke his hand while drilling holes in the base of a competitive building resulting in a Workers Comp claim. Injuries can occur when pre-drilled holes are wrong or not drilled at all, as in this case."

Over the past 24 years, I've erected steel arch and straight wall buildings for most of the different dealers and manufacturers out there. Cavalier Buildings' steel buildings have always had the highest quality materials, and been the quickest and easiest to erect. All holes line up precisely, and we didn't have to worry about missing parts or materials."

Erik B.
Vice President
Steel Buildings, Inc.

"The main things I like about my garage were the ease of construction and the fact that it needs NO maintenance! This is one sturdy garage and it will withstand some very powerful winds, very important in this region! It also looks very good and integrates nicely with my house. I love it!!!"

Chuck K.
Northern Missouri

“Your building was so easy to set up and it has accommodated me and my business more than I imagined.”

Jim C.
Charlottesville, Va.


You guys worked hard to get the building we wanted at the price we could afford. Your Sales Rep understood our needs and fit us with the building that would service those needs as best as possible within our budget. Additionally, the customer service team worked with us when we had financial questions.
Sincerely, one very happy customer”

Lee A.
St. Louis, Mo.


“I have always wanted a “Man-cave” now I have a shed to do all my handy work. If I only had a bathroom in there I would never have to leave! Thanks again.”

Derrick S.
Dallas, Tx.


“Very pleased with my decision to go with you guys, we are extremely pleased with our building. Being in the Midwest the strength of the build is a huge asset for us. The other huge benefit is little to no maintenance, no painting, no rotting, etc… very satisfied. Thank you.”

Wesley S.
Tulsa, Ok.


“The building is perfect, well worth the investment.”

Rose W.
Lynchburg, Va.


“I have unfortunately seen too many roofs being torn off by high winds, that’s why I went with a steel building. Also, I liked the idea of no trusses, beams, or pillars inside the building, all usable space. I had the building up and full of my stuff in less than a week. I appreciate your business.  Thanks!”

Sam L.
Kansas City, Mo.


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